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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it” (Ansel Adams)

Are you looking for professional photographs of your event or special occasion? I am based between Edinburgh and Glasgow, so am well placed to cover your event in Central Scotland.

Quality photography can improve your online image, add to your advertising material by attracting new customers  and help improve sales. Whether it is a sports day, charity event, business conference or family occasion, I will blend seamlessly into the background and tell the story of your event in high quality images. 

You will find me fun to work with but professional in every aspect. Let’s chat and see what I can do to help. 

I also have a personal collection of landscape and wildlife photographs.  They can be viewed and purchased at


  • David consistently delivers images of high quality, covering everything from Heart of Midlothian Football Club press conferences and training sessions to matchdays and non-football related club events. He always delivers his photographs in a timely manner and often accepts assignments at very short notice, which is greatly appreciated by everyone at the club.

    Sven Houston
    Head of Marketing, Heart of Midlothian Football Club
  • Thank you so much for this! They look great- everyone is so happy!
    The day was great for us- I’m so glad to hear you had a good one.
    Thank you so much for your help.
    Best, Kate

    Kate Whittle
    Events Fundraiser, Target Ovarian Cancer
  • Hi David
    It was good to meet you too . A very successful day!
    Thanks for sharing the album, these look really great and just what was required. Thanks so much for your help !
    Oliver Brown

    Fuse Int.
    Senior Account Executive, Fuse Int.
  • Thank you so much for the photographs. I have shared them with the team and they are thrilled with them. You got the perfect balance between candid and posed photographs and everyone looks very glamorous!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the evening. It was a pleasure having you.
    Kind regards

    Iris Peploe
  • I have now worked with David at a couple of events and he has always delivered high quality images covering everything asked for in the brief. David always goes out of his way to deliver images in a timely manner and particularly when they are required urgently with short notice. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

    Stuart McLaren
    Professional golfer, PGA Euro Pro Tour
  • David was a joy to work with. He put everyone at ease and made the ‘work’ fun. The result was natural colourful photos in abundance

    Martel Maxwell
    TV presenter and author
  • Working with David was a pleasure. He was prepared, organised and great at putting people at ease during the day. We got all the pictures we wanted, the finished versions were available quickly, and best of all, they looked great

    Ian Williamson
    Marketing Manager , Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
  • The photos are FANTASTIC!!
    Love it!
    Thank you,

    Jo Riley
    Brand Manager. Crown Paints
  • Thank you again. You have done a wonderful job.

    Emma Andersson
    Director . Textile Services Association
  • It was lovely to meet you and thanks again for taking the photos on the 25th and yesterday. You did a great job and the photos are great!

    Julie Fleming
    Programme Co-ordinator. YESC
  • Thank you so much!! The photos are absolutely fantastic and thank you for turning them around so quickly. We really appreciate it and I can’t wait to share.

    Chanelle Nicholson
    Welfare and Insight Officer, DMWS
  • Thanks again for everything and for capturing not only the skills but also the joy of gymnastics. They will be used extensively in digital marketing. Thank you!

    Iona Scott
    Comms and Marketing Manager Scottish Gymnastics
  • Thanks for sending the pictures through. There are really some fantastic shots in there that we will use to promote next year’s event.
    See you next year😁

    Sarah Lyall
    Events co-ordinator Parkinsons UK
  • Hi David,

    The pictures are fantastic, we are all very happy with them. Everything with the link looks good as well.

    Thank you so much again on behalf of us and the society for being a part of such a wonderful event.

    Best wishes in the future,
    Kirsty and Nyah
    (social secretaries)
    Edinburgh University History Society

Photographer Edinburgh Services

Corporate Photography

People buy from people. Effective corporate photography can help you build trust, make new connections, and grow awareness. Corporate photography includes headshots, press releases, marketing materials, social media campaigns, and more.

Sports Photography

There is a knack in capturing that fleeting moment of action in a sports event. After a lifetime of playing a variety of sports at a high level and also with experience of photographing Scottish Premiership football, I have a good knowledge of what makes that special image. 

Event Photography

Whether a corporate event, charity day, or something more personal, I will be unobtrusive and capture the event as you require. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into organising your event and I will reflect that in every single image.

Landscape Photographer

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a passion of mine. I was recently commissioned to produce a series of photographs of iconic Scottish landmarks for a gift company to use on fridge magnets, calendars and postcards. Images can be supplied in a variety of formats. Just ask!

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    What does an Edinburgh Sports and Events photographer do?

    Ever wondered what the week of an Edinburgh Events photographer is like?  Here is a snapshot of a recent week.

    Firstly it is definitely not Monday to Friday!  This week my work began on Friday. I was commissioned to photograph the British National Diving Cup at the Edinburgh Royal Commonwealth Pool over three days. The event started at 10.00am but I always arrive at events about one hour beforehand. I need to speak to the people involved to find out exactly what they want. It is amazing how many people say ” we will leave it up to you”. It is always good to know just what a client is looking for and what their use is for the photographs. Then I will check out the light which will determine my camera settings and which lenses I will use. 

    The action begins  and for the next three hours it is non stop. As soon as one diver enters the water, the next one is ready to go. Camera being held mostly looking up the way, it is warm work in the humid atmosphere of a swimming pool. The divers and staff have a break at lunch time, however that for me is time to get on my laptop and download and review the morning’s photos. The best ones are selected and sent on to British Swimming so that they can put some on social media. Soon it is back to the diving and more of the same! It is a real challenge to capture the divers with all the twists and turns and somersaults. However, I was soon getting into the way of it. More laptop work at the end of the day and finally home at 19.30

    Back again on Saturday and Sunday. Really pleased to receive a nice email to say that they were delighted with the photos.

    Monday is a welcome relief from the chlorinated atmosphere and it is time for some fresh air and a round of golf to relax.

    Tuesday is spent at my desk editing photos and answering e mails. Pleased to see more jobs coming in. One of them is a two day event at Heriot Watt University near my home. I am looking forward to that! The other is a corporate golf day at my local golf club for a finance company. I worked for them last year and it is pleasing that they have come back to me. For one, it means that they must have been pleased with the work I did and also saves me a bit of marketing work. I do enjoy doing sports photography. There is a freedom about it and it means I can be quite creative. 

    Wednesday is marketing day. I send out mail shots to a variety of companies that put on events asking if they are in need of a photographer. It is extremely satisfying when I receive a positive reply. Finally I have to check all my equipment for the next day. Make sure all batteries are charged. Lenses clean. Camera settings set to what I think I will need. Then check the contents of my bag and lay it out ready just to pick up in the morning. 

    Thursday is a big day. Annual conference for the Textile Services Association. Headline speakers are former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and political scientist Sir John Curtice. I must admit to feeling a few nerves at photographing such famous figures. Fortunately all went well  Pictures were sharp and clear! After the conference there was a dinner followed by live music. Having arrived at 09.00, I left the venue at 23.30.  Home at midnight.

    Friday morning spent editing and choosing the conference photos. I  took just over 1,000 photos and sent them a selection of the best 200. I always worry when I don’t receive an immediate reply, thinking maybe that they are not happy with them. However most companies take time to reply. My week is not over yet!  A short nap in the afternoon then I am off to photograph a football match in the evening. One of my duties is as club photographer for Heart of Midlothian FC and this is a Scottish Cup match an hour from home. For football matches I  always arrive two hours before kick off. Photos of fans arriving, players arriving and then warming up etc. Then onto the match. Sitting on a stool trackside it is drizzling rain and cold. Photos are sent direct from my camera to the football club. Everything nowadays is immediate! A good victory for Hearts means it is all worth while particularly as I managed to capture the goals and celebrations. After the match I spend an hour in the press room editing and submitting the photos to save me any work when I get home. Finally the drive home where I arrive around midnight

    A hard week but as well as feeling tired I have a sense of pride at having completed all the assignments successfully. Whilst I do this professionally, the most important thing to me is that the clients are happy with my photos.  To me it doesn’t feel like work.


    ps. Final job of the week is updating my website and writing this blog! Golf on Monday to look forward to…

    pps… I am the one on the left




    David Mollison

    Corporate, Sports, & Event Photographer, Edinburgh