SES Doctor’s Mess

South East Scotland Junior Doctors were holding their annual Ceilidh and Burns Night Ball at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. My brief was simple! " take as many pictures as you like and capture the mood of the evening " Straightforward enough and good of the client to put their trust in me. It was a fun evening with 250 people present which started off with a drinks reception followed by dinner and a ceilidh. My aim was to take group shots when requested but otherwise keep in the background and capture lots of candid moments without people realising they were being snapped! The biggest challenge was the lighting. It was very dark and the lights had a pink tinge to them. Fortunately the modern mirrorless Canon cameras can cope with a high ISO. That coupled with some post shoot editing in Lightroom meant that the photos turned out well and I had one very happy client!

SES Junior Doctors Ceildh and Burns Night

Client :South East Scotland Junior Doctors